Outstanding beef from the true north

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True North Beef is available exclusively to partners in the foodservice market. It stands apart on its reputation for reliable quality and convenience. It’s Australian raised and family owned.

Our cattle are raised on 1.2 million hectares of vast natural grassland in the Gulf region of Queensland, Australia. They roam freely in the natural landscape that is rich in biodiversity. That’s why we called it True North.

Outstanding beef for every restaurant

The five categories of outstanding beef under the 
True North brand are produced after carefully grain-finishing the cattle at our own feedlot in the rich farming country of Queensland’s Darling Downs.

There are five categories of outstanding True North beef that you can include on your menu, each represents different production methods, eating experiences and price points. This ensures that no matter who is dining at your venue, True North can offer outstanding beef to match.

True North Pure Wagyu

Pure Wagyu is the pinnacle of quality, combining exceptional Wagyu cattle, pristine pastures and a careful feeding program. Experience exquisite beef with a velvety texture, ultimate marbling, and magnificent flavour.

True North Wagyu

Sourced from the finest Wagyu cattle, True North Wagyu is carefully raised on wholesome grain to produce a superior marbling, tenderness and flavour.

True North Angus

Angus Beef starts with the finest cattle. Dedication to quality creates beef with outstanding tenderness, premium marbling and rich flavour.

True North Grain Fed

True North Grain Fed Beef delivers every time. A dedication to quality means delicious, tender beef with a guaranteed rich flavour.

True North Grass Fed

Our grass fed beef is raised entirely in pristine natural pasture. The result is traditional beef with a distinct grass fed flavour.

Experience True north beef

At True North, we are dedicated to providing you with a superior beef experience, tailored to meet the exacting standards of culinary professionals. Each product in our range promises not only quality and taste, but also a commitment to sustainable farming practices.

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